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EdTech Capabilities and Learning Outcomes

A survey of 481 education leaders in 10 countries found a link between schools’ EdTech capabilities and their reported success in driving favorable learning outcomes.

Survey respondents who reported a high stage of development in 22 EdTech capabilities were more likely to indicate increased student test scores, improved school rankings/ratings, high teacher satisfaction, and advanced student readiness and digital competencies. Conversely, leaders who reported less developed EdTech capabilities indicated lower levels of success in these outcomes.

The survey also found that some learning capabilities have a greater relative impact on outcomes. Globally, the capabilities with the greatest relative impact are also those that many schools are challenged in executing or are not prioritizing.

The survey also revealed that the 19% of schools who achieved high learning outcomes prioritize the 22 capabilities very differently from the 14% of schools who reported low
outcomes. These two groups of schools also showed different approaches to their classroom technology mix, with the high-outcomes group favoring technologies that promote progressive, student-centered pedagogies.

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