Dremel Idea Builder 3D20



3D printing opens up a new world of creative possibility and self-expression. With 3D printing, you have the ability to design something uniquely your own through endless personalization and customization opportunities.

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder utilizes a specific technology called Fused Filament Fabrication. In this process, the printhead or “extruder” heats or “melts” a spool-fed filament so that it can be easily laid down. This heated filament then quickly cools and hardens so that the next layer can be applied

It is easy to build objects with the Dremel on-board software and color touchscreen, which enables a preview of each model before you build. Additionally, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder comes equipped with a pre-installed extruder (the part where the filament comes out and builds your model), unlike other 3D printers that require you to install it yourself. This makes setup as simple as plugging in your printer, and you’re ready to build! Along with easy-to-use software, you can start turning your ideas into models and projects in minutes.

3D Modeling Software

You can create your own models by using a computer and a 3D modeling program.  There are many available that make designing 3D objects easy and fun, all downloadable from Dremel3D.com.  The design file is then sent to the 3D printer where it forms the digital model into a real, tangible item you can hold.

Why 3D Printing?

  • Transform a visual or mental image into three dimensional form that you can physically touch
  • Bring your ideas to life, from making creative objects to one-of-a-kind prototypes
  • 3D printing is an exciting technology that fosters an entirely new learning experience
  • Learn through invention with hands-on activities

Key Features

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