Dremel Idea Builder 3D40-EDU



Science, technology, engineering, and math can now be more interactive and engaging. With hands-on learning, students can now be involved in the design, creation, and testing of the subject matter at hand.

With convenient features like WiFi connectivity and a new App for both Android and iOS smartphones, you now have the freedom to print remotely. The pre-loaded models on the app allow you to print, monitor progress, and assign new users to the printer.

  • Expanded build capacity for larger projects
  • Dremel 3D app for iOS and Android unlocks mobile interaction
  • Cutting edge preparation software ensures successful build


Key Features

Out of box solution

The Model 3D40-EDU for Education includes an additional USB flash drive pre-loaded with 30 print-ready curriculum based model files.  Educators can integrate 3D printing right into the classroom. Written by actual subject matter teachers, the curriculum and instructional guides provide you with hands-on lesson plans that tie an abstract concept with a printed model for better understanding.

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