Dremel LC40

Laser Cutter


Carve, etch, cut, and engrave dozens of materials to bring your ideas to life.  From the moment you receive your Laser Cutter to when the first laser beam starts cutting or engraving your project, setting up your Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter takes minutes. Everything you need to start making comes inside the Laser Cutter box, including Dremel's Hex Box™ integrated cooling system and user-friendly Quick Start Guide.


  • 40W CO2 Laser cutter & laser engraver helps transform your classroom by turning your vision into reality
  • Easy to use software - cut & engrave wood, leather, acrylic, glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, rubber and more! Create high value projects within minutes!
  • Rigorously tested for reliability to ensure continuous runtime during all your project needs – Proprietary Dremel Hex Box
  • First UL Safety approved laser cutter/engraver in the market with 5 safety sensors to ensure all systems are working properly
  • Trusted brand for makers with over 85 years experience in customer service, engineering and product development

More than a Laser Cutter

Dremel stands alone in providing an ecosystem of benefits that go beyond the Laser Cutter.

  • UL Safety Certification
    • UL Standard: UL62841-1
    • UL Certificate Number: 20180828-E152254
  • World Class Customer Support
  • Laser Control Web Application Software
  • Plywood & Acrylic Material Bundles



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