Copernicus Small Robotics Storage Tub



SKU: RS100

The Small Robotics Storage Tub is designed to store and charge multiple brands and sizes of robots in one secure location. This tub protects your school's investment, while keeping robotics and cords organized for smooth deployment during use. Holds up to 12 robots depending on size.

Recommended for Dash and Dots, Cue, Sphero 2.0, Bolt, Spark, Mini, Ollie and others.


  • Lock all robotics within the tub (padlock included)
  • Metal basket can be removed to access the second layer of devices (when storing Dash and Dots) or to access accessories (when storing Spheros)
  • Lower compartment is used for mounting USB hubs (when storing Dash and Dots) or to hold accessories (when storing Spheros)
  • Top basket holds: 12 Sphero Sparks (with room for accessories below), or - 8 Ollie robots (with room for accessories below), or - 4 Dash (with 4 Dots below)
  • 2 x 6 outlet USB charging hubs
  • Padlock with 3 key


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