AVerVision F50-8M



The AVer F50-8M Portable FlexArm Document Camera features a large 1/3.2" CMOS sensor and 10x optical zoom lens that capture crisp images in 8 MP. Combined with a 20x digital zoom, the document camera offers a total zoom of 200x to see minute details. You can use the F50-8M to snap a quick picture or record student presentations, or use it as a webcam, where you can then store the image or presentation on the camera itself, to a USB drive, or a connected computer.

Simply plug a USB mouse into the F50-8M and you will be able to easily add annotations, highlights, arrows, and captions to your presentation material. On-board features not only allow you to control the camera's zoom, focus, and recording, but also display functions such as split-screen, picture-in-picture, screen visor, and spotlight modes.

You can lean, bend, and flex the document camera's gooseneck in virtually any direction you'd like to get up close to an iPad, Petri dish, your students, the class, or more. If you have to share it with other teachers or transport between classrooms, the F50-8M's light and compact design allows you to fold it into itself and set it back up quickly and easily later.


Smooth 60fps one-touch recording

All the sounds and excitement of live experiments, head-to-head debates and object examination are captured perfectly for future use both in class and at home through F50-8M’s lag-free 60fps recording directly on the camera itself, to aUSB drive or a connected computer.

Agile 10X optical zoom

See minuscule objects and live specimens in fantastic detail thanks to F50-8M’s impressive 10X optical zoom capabilities, or magnify the objects up to 200X total zoom to have an even closer look at what’s going on under the lens.

Advanced full HD image streaming via HDMI

HDMI input and output allow teachers to make high-resolution, interactive multimedia presentations. F50-8M’s advanced and versatile connectivity is compatible with all current PCs, laptops and projectors, and ensures the highest quality image transmission - no HDMI to VGA convertor required.

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