Turn real objects into digital content with the SMART Document Camera 450. It’s a great way to demonstrate, explore and understand– even when concepts are abstract or complex

Easily add interactivity to learning

With the SMART™ Document Camera, you can keep students engaged by easily creating interactive learning opportunities in your classroom. Create more engaging lessons by easily capturing images, video and audio with the SMART Document Camera. Imagine the convenience of viewing a science experiment in real time with your entire class or displaying a book as you highlight key sections.

Integration with SMART™ Products

You can access and control the SMART™ Document Camera directly from a menu inside SMART™ Notebook – with just one touch. Its easy to show images on your SMART Board, LightRaise interactive projector or SMART Table.

Mixed Reality Tools Included

The 5 megapixel camera and 80x zoom provides students with sharp, detailed images and videos of any object. Quickly direct student learning by zooming in to show even the smallest details.

Capture images and create multimedia lessons

Create more engaging lesson content by easily capturing images, video and audio with the SMART Document Camera. It's all easy – access the document camera from your SMART Notebook lesson with just one touch. You can even take a video of a science experiment with the document camera, save it on USB and use it in your next class and students can record their demonstrations during presentations for later review.


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