Google Jamboard


Google Jamboard integrates with G Suite, putting popular Google apps and a whole host of interactive capabilities at users’ fingertips.
Perfect for collaborative spaces such student centers, libraries, and study halls, Jamboard is jam-packed with technology that allows for students to collaborate via a physical device, but using cloud-based applications and technologies everyone has come to expect from Google. Students can draw, annotate, import and scribble on images and Google Docs, search the web, communicate with other students via Hangouts, and it’s all saved in the cloud.


  • Use creative drawing tools, clip content from the web using Google Search and add images and content from Google Drive or your smartphone.
  • All your work is saved in Google Drive so you can pick up right where you left off and your ideas are not erased away.
  • With 16 simultaneous touch points, moving and resizing objects is natural
  • Lightweight enough to move location quickly with stand (sold separately).

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