LÜ ÜNO & DÜO Permanent Configurations



The gym for the schools of the 21st century

Lü is an breakthrough solution to transform any gym into an interactive playground using video projection, light & sound. Video games are projected on a wall and users can throw balls on the projection to interact with it. The balls are detected by a 3D camera.


Video Game and Physical Activity : Lü combines the best of both worlds! Giant video games and interactive lightings create an engaging experience for players who will forget how intensely they are actually exercising.


Who said mathematics should only be taught the passive way, seated in a classroom? By integrating interactive learning lessons and pedagogical games, Lü transforms the way kids learn by offering a new active approach where multiple skills are developed at the same time.

Key Components:

  • Giant Wall Projections - Big and bright projections generated by professional grade projectors. Protected by a custom enclosure
  • 3D Cameras to sense the action - 3D camera system turns the giant wall projections into touchscreens that can detect multiple objects at the same time
  • Powerful light & sound system - light and sound system delivers ambiant lighting and powerful sound to complete the immersion.


Playground dimensions and specifications

Interactive screen

  • Maximum size: 19’ Large x 10.1’ High
  • Must be a flat, solid, bright surface.

Game area

  • Centred in front of the interactive screen
  • Recommended size: 30’ Large x 30’ Long
  • Minimum ceiling heights: 14’
  • Maximum ceiling heights: 28’

To maximize immersion, ambiant lighting must be controllable. When the system is in operation, general lights must be turned off and no window should allow direct sunlight in the room.


Lü is available in two different configurations: ÜNO and DÜO. ÜNO consists of one interactive wall. DÜO is the combination of two connected ÜNO facing each other for a larger playground.

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