Swivl Robot C Series



Turn your mobile device into a complete video capture solution

Swivl is a robotic tool that enables educators to easily and cost-effectively capture, review and share instructional videos. Swivl puts teachers in control of how lectures are recorded, allows for the accommodation of all student learning styles and ensures no one ever misses a moment of instruction.

Use up to 4 markers at once to gather 4 sources of audio and pinpoint who said what with Swivl Practice. Control the robot with any marker at the touch of a button to capture student interactions and presentations

3 part solution:

Swivl Robot, Swivl Capture App and Swivl Cloud work together with your mobile devices to create and share multimedia videos.

  • Swivl Robot - Turns your mobile device into a presentation delivery tool, a front-of-room assistant and an automated video solution. It follows you, stops to focus on whiteboards or small groups when needed, and can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Swivl App - When used with the free Practice app it’s the best video coaching tool on the planet. With the soon to be released Present app, it’s the ultimate blended learning tool. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Swivl Cloud - This  FREE  service  provides  unlimited  storage space  and sharing capabilities.  Users can access videos from the cloud to share with others via email, public URL or embedded into other platforms




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