Tech Tub2® Dual Duty Teaching Easels



The Dual Duty Teaching Easel was designed to make the most of every inch in the classroom by combining technology with a traditional teaching easel.

FTT200 - Holds 32 devices

Dual Duty Teaching Easel with 6 Premium Tech Tubs2 that holds 32 devices (either iPads, Chromebooks, or a combination of both).

  • Large magnetic dry erase board (measures: 41 3/4" (106 cm) H x 26 3/4" (68 cm)W)
  • Adjustable big book ledge that locks into multiple positions
  • Premium Tech Tub2® holds 32 devices (2 FTT600, 2 FTT1000)
  • Power timer for charging devices (requires 1 outlet)
  • Headphone racks with 32 clear pouches
  • 2 Tiny Tubs
  • Snap-on chart paper hooks
  • Cable management on back
  • 3” locking casters (for mobility within a classroom)

Additional model with USB hubs that sync and charge iPads (SKU: FTT200-USB)

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