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Learn about technology using robotics

EZ Robot Revolution is a robotics platform that makes robots accessible to everyone. It features simple clip'n'play robot building blocks called EZ-Bits. The robots are user controlled or autonomous over a WiFi connection from your PC or Mobile Device (Android and iOS supported). EZ Robot delivers easy-to-use features inspired from science fiction movies - such as vision tracking & learning, mobile apps, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and hundreds more! The brain of your ezrobot is the EZ-B v4, which boasts 200mhz of 32-bit processing.

All EZ-Robots include the EZ-B v4 and EZ-Builder Software for vision capabilities, speech recognition, Artificial Intelligence and more.

EZ Robot gives students a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of robotics

EZ Robots are easy to assemble, allowing students to focus on programming and the cool things that their robots can do.  EZ Robots offer a wide range of learning opportunities including the largest growth area of robotics - the human-bot interface and robot environment awareness and adaptability.  EZ Robots can be programmed by new users with the visual interface, or through traditional real-world programming using C++, C# and Visual Basic.


  • Free software - students can download the software on their home computer to allow them to work on their robot projects at home
  • Wide range of peripherals and advanced features - built-in cameras and speakers and can support GPS, Ultra-sonic distance sensors, infrared sensors, augmented reality glasses and more
  • Built-in camera allows students to program their robots to track faces, colours, motion, Haar, glyphs and QR codes
  • Can be controlled with Wii remotes, Xbox 360 controllers, joysticks, Android and iPhones, tablets, computers, augmented reality glasses or even just your voice


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