NAO Evolution


Who is NAO?

NAO is a 58-cm tall humanoid robot. It moves, recognizes you, hears you, and even talks to you! NAO is a programmable, autonomous and constantly evolving humanoid robot able to run educational, entertaining, and daily life assistance application.

How does he work?

Technology for Students with Special Needs

NAO is a little artificial character with a unique combination of hardware and software: it consists of sensors, motors and software driven by NAOqi 2.0. Designed for easy natural voice interaction, the NAOqi environment includes a dialogue engine, an emotional engine, and Autonomous Life

NAO has:

  • 25 motors, for movement
  • Two cameras, to see its surroundings
  • An inertial measurement unit, which lets it know whether it is upright or lying down
  • Touch sensors to detect your touch
  • Four directional microphones, so it can hear you
  • Shape and facial detection and recognition using new algorithms
  • Refined obstacle detection and distance estimation with a detection range from 1 cm (0.39 inches) to 3 m (9.8 feet) using new sonar telemeters


In primary school: A surprising teaching aid that makes learning fun NAO is a fascinating teaching tool thanks to its interactive applications and intuitive interface. It captures the attention of children and promotes individual and group work. Children discover technology and enjoy learning. And, of course, you can also talk about geography, mathematics, basic concepts, and much more with NAO.

In secondary school: An interactive companion to stimulate scientific curiosity Thanks to its many capabilities, intuitive software and dedicated hands-on exercises, NAO is the ideal platform to attract students to the sciences and teach them. With this turnkey solution, you can combine theory and practice, conduct all your lessons with motivation and enthusiasm, and travel with your students on the path to excellence.

In higher education: A powerful platform to innovate and create NAO, with its powerful and fully programmable platform (SDK provided: C++, Python, Java, .Net), effectively teaches students, creating new generations of scientific and technical experts. NAO stimulates creativity and innovation, and challenges students with problems in business and society.

In special education: Breaks down communication barriers Teachers can select and personalize tasks based on a child's individual learning goals, motivators, internal states, and personality to create the perfect match. NAO's tasks are semi-autonomous educational applications inspired from various behavioral approaches and models (ABA, PECS, TEACCH, DENVER, SCERTS).

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