SMART kapp® 84



The SMART Kapp84 offers all the features of the original kapp digital capture board but with a much larger footprint that is similar in size to a standard-size meeting room whiteboard. The SMART kapp 84 is an 84″ version of SMART kapp which broadens the applications for this extraordinary solution. Engineers, designers, trainers, professors, teachers and more can now use kapp 84 for more comprehensive and larger brainstorming, content creation and collaboration.

SMART kapp™, the next evolution dry erase board, is now available in a larger size. It still allows you to capture, save, and share all of your content but now two users can work simultaneously. Building off its predecessors, SMART kapp™ takes the simple writing style of the marker and dry erase board, but allows users to “work and share with others in real time- all using your smartphone or tablet”. This digital capture board is taking us one step further in maximizing our connectivity with the ability to share data seamlessly in real-time.


  • Easy connect – simply scan the SMART kapp using your smartphone or tablet camera to enable a secured wireless connection
  • Secure – Shared content is immediately deleted after the session has ended
  • Collaborative –  share from your iOS or Android device wirelessly to the SMART kapp
  • Improve Engagement – No need for continuous note taking. Store content as snapshots on a mobile device for recall later on
  • Smart session grouping can be shared and reviewed after your device has been disconnected
  • Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface without streaking or smudging
  • Remote participation – invited users can view content in real-time using any browser, from anywhere
  • Automatically share SMART kapp snapshots to your Evernote notebook (requires free or paid Evernote account)

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