SMART Learning Suite



SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one ultimate education suite. It connects students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

Software for any hardware

Student devices, interactive whiteboards, interactive displays, Chromebooks, BYOD’s all the same to SMART Learning Suite. The software is designed to fit into any existing environment.

The flexibility you need to succeed

Front of the room instruction, student-led learning, project- based learning and flipped classroom initiatives are all enhanced by SMART Learning Suite. Any grade level, any subject.

Easy to use. Easy to adopt.

Educators can easily and quickly create dynamic, interactive, fun and engaging content. In less than five minutes, lessons that will wow students are ready. Plus, access to ongoing support is there every step of the way.

Ready for the future

As a leading education technology company, SMART works closely with educators and thought-leaders in the field to ensure each new release addresses the needs of educators, for today and the future.

4 leading education software platforms for one simple price

SMART Learning Suite combines four of the world’s best education software tools: SMART Notebook, SMART lab, SMART amp and SMART response 2.


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