SMART Learning Suite



SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one ultimate education suite. It connects students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.

SMART Learning Suite, including both the desktop and online experience, is available via a simple subscription model. Teachers can access the suite anytime, from any computer, including at home, and send entire lessons to student devices. Students can contribute to collaborative workspaces from anywhere.

Desktop experience

Available for Windows or Mac, SMART Notebook® comes with lesson creation tools, subject-specific features and endless ways to wow students. Time-saving templates are easy to customize for all grades and subjects.

Online experience

SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online lets teachers add interactive game-based and collaborative activities to a variety of file types, and send lessons to student devices so they can complete individual handouts or work together in shared workspaces.

Powerful, easy-to-use tools for teachers

Lesson creation and delivery

  • Quickly and easily create interactive lessons from PDF and PowerPoint® files, and Google Slides, Docs and Sheets
  • Send lessons to a SMART Board® with iQ and share lessons to student devices or with other teachers
  • Seamlessly transition between teacher-paced and student-paced anytime during lesson delivery and control lessons from a device

Game-based activities

  • Compelling graphics, animations and sounds keep students engaged and learning at a SMART Board or on devices
  • Add a theme to an existing question set, or make a new educational game in under 5 minutes using the activity creation wizard
  • Choose from many activity options: multiple choice races,sorting exercises, fill in the blanks and many more

Formative assessments

  • Guide instruction based on real-time insights into student comprehension
  • Create a formative assessment in a few minutes and have students answer questions on device
  • Get instant reports on student understanding without breaking lesson flow

Collaborative workspaces

  • In SMART Learning Suite Online, instantly convert any page from a PowerPoint, PDF or SMART Notebook file into a collaborative workspace, in or out of class
  • Students co-create by adding content to the workspace from their devices, developing critical thinking and Social Emotional Learning skills
  • Teachers facilitate whole-class and small-group collaboration by surveying and guiding student contributions at a SMART Board or on their teacher device


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