VR Headset & Controller



Designed for Educational Use

  • No additional mobile device is needed
  • The headset comes pre-loaded with learning modules
  • Handheld controller enables navigation and engages the student in the Virtual Reality module

Supports Interactive VR Content

Comes with a handheld controller.  The Veative handheld controller enables navigation and allows for interactivity within the Virtual Reality module. Objects inside the module can be manipulated, and assessment answers can be selected, typed and/or adjusted. The environment is virtual, but the control placed in the hands of learners is real.

  • Go beyond 360° images and videos
  • Play interactive VR content using a handheld controller
  • Perform Virtual Experiments and manipulate objects in an immersive environment

Powerful Standalone Device

  • Powerful built-in processor with 5.5" display to deliver quality videos and modules
  • CUSB port to connect plug-and-play controller or use Bluetooth for wireless controller
  • Integrated speakers with volume controls & an audio-out port to connect headphones
  • Wi-Fi for easy internet connectivity

Why VR?

  • Retention (research suggests that visualization and a VR environment strengthens the connection between a student and a concept, heightening retention)
  • Engagement (it is about participating in the learning process and having actual/virtual experiences, and enjoying the process, which heightens engagement)
  • Distraction-free (when students are inside an environment, they are far less prone to distractions such as other students, phones, and so on)

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