VR Teacher Tablet


Teacher Tablet for Simplified Classroom Controls

Veative's Classroom Management app, pre-loaded on the teacher tablet, makes it simple to discover and deliver engaging VR content and lessons. It also provides some control and management of multiple headsets in the classroom - all from a simple app.

Easy content management system

Veative's classroom management app comes with a built-in content management system that enables the teacher to easily find relevant VR content. This is delivered using robust metadata which enables teachers to find content using a simple search feature, or by applying easy-to-use filters, to sort the content via grades and subjects.

Simultaneously Launch Content Modules to experience VR in a classroom

Using the Veative's classroom management app, teachers can launch the VR content modules simultaneously on all student VR devices. This feature ensures that all students remain in-sync with the teacher as they experience the same content launched by the teacher.

Pause / Stop Content Modules to keep control with teacher

When delivering a VR experience using Veative's classroom management app, teachers can pause or stop the module to stay in control in the classroom. This feature comes handy when teachers want to get student's attention back at any point during the VR experience.

Track Student's Progress using robust reporting & analytics

A built-in, robust reporting and analytics system which keeps track of student activity and scores. It enables quick visualization of how students are interacting with the VR Modules, with the help of the teacher dashboard.

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