In-House Professional Development

Whether you are a novice SMART Notebook user or a seasoned veteran, our in-house sessions provide teachers with the opportunity to learn in our technology rich classrooms using relevant curriculum examples.

Professional development courses are held in our state-of-the-art training centers. Our decision to have a small class size is based on teacher desire for hands-on learning where they can experiment without the pressures of a normal day.

Instructional and Hands-on training

Experienced educators, who hold degrees from Ontario Faculties of Education, lead full-day classes that are a combination of instruction and hands-on learning. We introduce concepts and features in a systematic way and give participants time to work with the tools on a SMART Board while experimenting with ways to integrate that feature in their classroom. For a relevant learning experience, our SMART certified  trainers have extensive teaching experience with K-12 students.

Our in-house offerings include:

  • SMART Notebook for beginners
  • SMART Notebook for experiences users
  • SMART Response VE
  • SMART Table

We also can customize your course based on your needs.  For more information, email us at