In-House Professional Development

In-House Professional Development

Whether novice or seasoned veteran, our in-house sessions provide academic learners with the opportunity to participate in relevant activities that encourage effective use of today’s technology.

Instructional and Hands-on training

Experienced educators/technical experts, lead half or full-day classes that are a combination of instruction and hands-on learning. Concepts and features are introduced in a ‘hands-on’, systematic way and participants are given time to work with the tools on both their laptops (if possible) and on a provided interactive whiteboard (e.g. SMART or Hitachi).  Educational customers will discover ways to use the equipment in their own environment.

Our in-house offerings include:

  • SMART Notebook
  • Hitachi Starboard
  • Introduction to Robotics & Coding
  • Robots


We will help you plan a learning program that meets your needs.  For more information, email us at