PD Services

Advanced’s Training Division delivers both corporate training and education sector professional development programs to help our partners implement new technology.

We offer:

  1. In House Training
  2. On-site Training
  3. Certification Training
  4. Customized Training based on your school or school board's specific needs

Custom Courses

Are you interested in taking a SMART Professional Development Course that focuses on a specific topic, such as math, science or language? How about a course that deals specifically with the features and benefits of the new SMART Learning Suite software? Working together we can develop subject specific courses to meet your teaching requirements. Whether the sessions are delivered at your location or in our classroom, we ensure that the program fits with your requests.

Advanced Education can also design programs to meet school district needs. In addition to tailoring courses, we also offer custom sessions for educators working with special needs students.

Simply contact our Education Consultants at pd@advanced-education.com. We look forward to working with you on your professional development plan.

Advanced Education is the number one SMART professional development provider for many reasons:

  1. We provide all levels of professional development to support teachers as they integrate 21st Century technology into their classrooms.
  2. All SMART sessions are led by experienced educators.
  3. Our education consultants are teachers with a thorough knowledge of curriculum, they are experienced in universal design for learning, differentiated instruction, assessment and
  4. We understand the difference between professional development and training.
  5. SMART professional development sessions focus on using the features of the SMART Board as a teaching and learning tool.
  6. Our education consultants are SMART Certified Trainers.