On behalf of my colleagues I want to thank you for the wonderful SMART Board training you provided at our school. As you know, our school just purchased a new SMART Board but many of us had never seen one let alone knew how to use one. The professionalism, expertise and humour of your workshop made us feel comfortable and confident about using the SMART Board. We will definitely take many of your tips once we commence lesson planning using Notebook.

Thank you kindly.

N.S. Downtown Alternative Public School

A big thank you for what were great sessions. Staff have been submitting rave reviews on how useful this time was and how it allowed them to start their year off on the right foot. John - I also wanted you to know that the staff at Oxford appreciated Michelle's flexibility and the way she presented the material. We had varying abilities at the school and she handled it amazingly well. Thanks!

A.D. Upper Canada DSB

Just wanted to tell you once again, how much I enjoyed your presentations yesterday. I think the teachers found them very valuable also. I love how you are offering examples of teacher use in classrooms. This is very beneficial and something I intend to expand on in future workshops I will be offering throughout the year. Thanks!

L.K. Grand Erie DSB

Excellent. Kept our attention span. Great long break to let us play! Representatives VERY knowledgeable and approachable. Best workshop I've ever been to! Thanks.

The presentation was quite wonderful. I would recommend that all educators should attend.

I really enjoyed the session & it has made me excited to go back to my school & practice some of the things I have learned today. Thank you!

MA.B W.C Little E.S.

Thank you for a productive and informative day. I hope to use and remember all the great info!

B.S. Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre School

This was a great presentation. Lots of information was delivered as well there was a lot of hands on exploring. I definitely feel more comfortable and see the possibilities in using the SMART Board in my class on a more regular basis. I was pushed to think outside of the box in order to teach effective lessons using the SMART Board. Well done!

S.H. Toronto Catholic District School BOard

Small group setting was great, allows you to work, ask questions, and reinforces instructions.

A.T, Durham District School Board