Choosing the Right Partner

Education Partner in Technology for the Classroom vs. Traditional Audio Visual Supplier


“Major classroom technology implementations involve hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars. The right partner will understand the importance of not only coming in under budget and transparency of costs but also e positioned to respond quickly to any questions that arise.”

After 1000’s of Rollouts & Installations, Advanced Education is proud to be an Education Partner in technology for the Classroom and continues its ongoing working partnerships with the best school districts & educational institutions in Ontario (50 districts).

What sets us apart from your conventional supplier is our willingness to meet your high standards. We know exactly the complex logistics involved with any new technology deployment, especially in a school, because Advanced Education deals exclusively with school districts & educational institutions.

Administrators & Senior Faculty everywhere are accountable to their superiors. Suppliers must actually deliver what was promised and that the technology must work as promised. If it does not, it will not matter to a traditional audio visual supplier that there are 40 kids without a functioning class.

Spending the day chasing down vendors, arranging delivery?    
All arrangements for technicians & support are done directly with us.

Dealing with unfamiliar technology & terminology, and technical requirements?    
We teach you. We directly support you & your staff through our Quickstart Program.

Educating staff, teachers & other specific onsite challenges with Smartboard installations? Effective and measurable use of technology for in class use? Best practices?    
We provide specialized training through our Professional Development Programs.
We are a partner with actual teachers on staff who have spent in excess of 20 years in the classroom.

Securing additional resources & funding?    
We provide special purchase programs to reduce cost of ownership. Acquisition Support Programs

Confusing contracts & paperwork that are incomplete, late or vanished?    
No Surprises. Every step of the installation is co-ordinated by us in writing, followed by a thorough implementation checklist.

What if it breaks? Who’s coming to fix it? How long?
Online Chat Support and Customer Service. We won’t be satisfied until you are fully satisfied.


Look for Experience

Experience means partnering with a district to help specify and select the best product to meet their teaching and budgetary needs and then being able to provide after sales support as needed.

When it comes to implementing Smartboards and Document Cameras (which impact lesson planning and teaching practice), Advanced Education has actual teachers on staff who have spent an excess of 20 years in the classroom and will be well positioned to make recommendations in this area. Their knowledge and contribution will add value to the planning stages of an implementation.

Even after the choice of technology products has been made & your organization is deciding how to best allocate funding, have you thought about:

This is what sets your true Educational Partner apart from a traditional AV supplier. Choosing the right partner is arguably the most important decision an administrator will make when considering a technology implementation.

The Price choice: Value Added Technology Partner versus Traditional Supplier

"Why going with cheapest supplier price is probably not the best choice for your organization & will actually cost you more."

Total Cost of Ownership is not often factored. The true cost to your organization cannot be measured by installation alone, but by the entire life-cycle of your purchase. It may be possible to get a better price. However, just because they deliver the product to the door, it does not mean the product won’t break or fail to work. Don’t be the one they blame after you explain why you purchased an oversized paperweight on the classroom wall.