Installation and Ongoing Support

Advanced is proud to offer a wide range of specialized customer support services designed to meet a diverse set of customer needs, regardless of complexity or location. These support services include such things as repair service, warranty management service, maintenance packages and AV helpdesk support.

Advanced Education is the #1 Canadian Provider of SMART Boards. Advanced installs more than 1500 SMART boards annually. Our technicians have the full range of certifications from SMART and other manufacturers.

More importantly, because we specialize in schools & educational institutions, our technicians are able to work effectively with your staff. With Advanced Education as your partner, it makes the whole process smoother, with minimum disruption of classroom routines.  Our installers have over 15 years of experience with SMART Boards, ceiling mounted projectors and classroom audio enhancement systems. You are assured of high quality professional installation completed in a timely manner when dealing with Advanced Education.


We are a full service company.

Products we install & provide support:

  • Interactive Displays
  • SMART Boards
  • Projectors
  • Classroom Audio, such as ceiling and wall mounted speakers


No matter how small, or how old the building is, the Advanced Education technicians perform over 1,500 successful installs annually. We’ve seen every situation. Accordingly,
if there is an issue, we’ll have a solution.