Product Maintenance & Support

"Even the most sophisticated technology in the classroom is redundant if it fails to work correctly."

We have dedicated education staff that is permanently looking after schools across the province to make sure all installations run smoothly. We have a range of maintenance programs available tailored to each districts’ special needs. Read about our preventative maintenance program. In addition, we provide ongoing support to the users of technology in the classrooms. After all, what use is a technology bristling with features without knowing how to use it effectively?

 Authorized Repair Centre and Onsite Assistance

For your peace of mind, Advanced Education has an in-house maintenance department with dedicated Field / Bench Repair Technicians, fully certified by SMART, Infocomm International and several other manufacturers that can assist with any issues related to AV equipment.

Should your school or district require on-site assistance for your hardware, we have a team of installers and AV service technicians ready to be dispatched as needed. Our team have installed many thousands of classroom interactive and audio visual systems.

 Warranty and Out of Warranty repairs


For any warranty repairs, our customers have the option of shipping their units either directly to one of our manufacturer partners or to us. Our in-house maintenance team will be happy to evaluate the product for you and carry out any repairs necessary or forward the item on to the appropriate facility.

Out of Warranty Repairs

A Service Co-ordinator or Service technician will evaluate your problem based on information provided by your school. We will attempt to solve the problem over the phone although arrangements can subsequently be made to have the product either shipped to an Advanced repair depot or schedule a site visit.

"One thing, however, is certain. We’ll never leave our clients without a solution"

 Quick Start – Our exclusive after sales support

The exclusive Advanced QUICK Start Program is our way of saying thank you for choosing Advanced Education to install your product. Teachers are given a positive introduction right from the start. Certified trainer's who are also former Teachers, spend an hour with your Teacher(s) to ensure they are able to make immediate use of their installed product (e.g. SMART board). The session will cover off such things as verifying proper installation of the product, obtaining feedback on the installation process as well as delivering a short training session.