Professional Development created by Teachers for Teachers

Professional development starts with establishing a clear understanding of how a product works including its key features. In essence this is the product training component of the process.

Our approach is to then take the next step and help educators understand the various applications and pedagogical benefits of using the technology in the classroom. This provides sustainable support to teachers as they begin integrating the technology into their lesson plans. PD created by teachers for teachers.

Advanced Education is the Leading provider of SMART Board Professional Development for Teachers in Canada.

Having a sophisticated piece of technology, does not guarantee effective use. Time and time again, research has proven that technology implementations with minimal or no emphasis on ongoing professional development (PD) produce lower outcomes than those that do.

Custom Courses

Are you interested in taking a SMART Professional Development Course that focuses on a specific topic, such as math, science or language? How about a course that deals specifically with the features and benefits of the new SMART Learning Suite software? Working together we can develop subject specific courses to meet your teaching requirements. Whether the sessions are delivered at your location or in our classroom, we ensure that the program fits with your requests.

Advanced Education can also design programs to meet school district needs. In addition to tailoring courses, we also offer custom sessions for educators working with special needs students.

Simply contact our Education Consultants at We look forward to working with you on your professional development plan.

Key Pedagogical Benefits for Professional Development

As an Administrator, this is a key issue.
Have you taken the next step - is your team thinking beyond the acquisition of the product?

  • How will your organization use this technology?
  • What are the best "in the classroom" methods & strategies, for subject content?
  • Why should we stay away from keeping with traditional methods in class?

The philosophy and classroom dynamics of SMART technologies such as SMART Board require new ways to manage & engage classrooms. Our Education Consultants being former teachers themselves; make it their job to instruct your teachers on updated trends and methodologies, as well as technical training.

"Happy engaged students mean satisfied teachers & lower turnover."

On a similar note there are other ancillary benefits to taking the next step. Not only is it proven that schools achieve better learning outcomes as noted above but many districts have also proven there is a direct correlation to other variables such as increased student enrollment, improved teacher recruitment as well as teacher retention.

Check our Website for the complete list of courses we offer or go to the calendar to see our next scheduled PD sessions.